We're getting rid of some IPs

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    In order to simplify the user experience, we've removed the following IPs:
    • ca.toxicpvp.net
    • au.toxicpvp.net
    • us.toxicpvp.net
    • eu.toxicpvp.net
    • play.toxicpvp.net
    • hub.toxicpvp.net
    The only IP that you can now use is mc.toxicpvp.net. This has been the recommended IP for a while now, and we've been occasionally messaging our users to switch back to it for a while now. This IP is also linked to all of our backend addresses so it's harder for people to efficiently start a DDoS attack.

    We have also removed some older websites that we no longer use or haven't been updated in a while:
    And as I stated in the last news post, please go ahead and register on our new website: https://new.toxicpvp.net! We will be transitioning fully sometime in the near future!


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