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    While we want to provide the best website experience through a custom solution, unfortunately we don't feel as though we will be able to properly balance such a solution as well as the network systems that we have on our actual Minecraft network. As such, we have decided to (at least temporarily) cancel the new website using zSuite. We feel as though this is the best option as we will be able to focus more on providing content updates and bug fixes to our Minecraft network and not have to worry about a completely different project that is still in its infancy. We hope you all understand this decision.

    Because of this change, we wanted to provide users with something new, and so we have installed a new style onto our XenForo installation. It is possible to change the style by clicking "ToxicPVP Purple" at the bottom left of any page, where you will be able to choose a color that you prefer. Of course, we will work to ensure that XenForo provides great compatibility with our Minecraft server. We plan on integrating website stats and leaderboards sometime in the near future.

    Seeing as development of ToxicPVP has died down, we will be resuming development logs at our next major update.

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