OFFICIAL SG+Guns?! Two new gamemodes soon?!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Al, Sep 23, 2017.


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  1. Al

    Al Lead Developer Staff Member Owner

    That's right! We have yet ANOTHER SurvivalGames mode that we think you should all check out as soon as possible!

    Do you like MineStrike on Mineplex? Do you like ToxicPVP SurvivalGames? Then you'll LOVE ToxicPVP's SurvivalGames+Guns! We combine SurvivalGames+ with a MineStrike-esque engine to provide you the ultimate playing experience! Find weapons that replace melee items in chests! SG+ also now has support for game kits, so you can choose between two kits in SG+Guns (Swordsman and P90 Gunman)! Each kit is pretty self-explanatory, you will get a wood sword if you choose Swordsman and a P90 SMG if you choose P90 Gunman 20 seconds after the game starts. P90 requires 5000 coins to purchase, so get on your grind if you want it (unless you have a rank ;) )!

    We are also in high hopes of releasing two gamemodes, Money Rush and UHC. @Accessory will be handling the development of Money Rush while I will be handling the development of UHC. These both are pretty big and resource- heavy/intensive gamemodes and will actually be the first two modes to run on our Main Games category/server! We will be releasing more updates in #alerts on our Discord server as development of these two progresses.

    We hope you all are as excited as we are about these new modes! Please let us know your feedback with the poll!

    Get to playing!
    ~ Z

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