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    As many of you already know, ToxicPVP hasn't been evolving as much these past couple of months. While we'd really like to start pushing out more frequent updates, we've been really busy with our personal lives these past couple of weeks and as such our team has found very little time to personally work on improving our network.

    While the other owners can speak for themselves, I've personally been working on schoolwork and things of that nature, as well as working on other smaller projects including zSuite, which includes a new site software that ToxicPVP will hopefully be using within the coming weeks. If there's any incentive to this, it's that ToxicPVP will hopefully have a new website very soon.

    With a new website very soon, I guess I might as well segway into that: I will be allowing the public to beta test this new software immediately. If you'd like to get set up, head over to https://new.toxicpvp.net/gateway?do=reg and sign up! We'd appreciate as many signups as possible so that everyone is prepared for when we do switch over. We'd also like people to actively use the new software to help test for flaws and issues within it. This benefits not only ToxicPVP, but other sites that use the same software as zSuite is open to the public for free. Please note that not all features work yet, but they will eventually over the course of time.

    For those that are reading this post, the team over at ToxicPVP really does appreciate your patience and dedication to ToxicPVP. It really means a lot.

    We also all hope you had a great time with the holidays recently. Let's look forward to a brighter future for ToxicPVP in the 2018 calendar year! :)

    ~ z609

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