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Heyo, soldier! Welcome back to ToxicPVP! We have recently pushed out a couple of major updates, including a look and feel overhaul as well as more cosmetic features to SurvivalGames+!

Before we get into our changelog, please note that we have CHANGED OUR STORE PAGE. Our old store page,, is outdated. Our page is now located at Not only does it make it more likely for someone to find it, but it is also secured with SSL! Our old buy page will redirect to the new one, and eventually all of our links on the server will be updated as well. Let's also not forget to mention that our store page has a completely new template! Let us know what you think!

ALSO, you should join our Discord server if you haven't already! Follow this link to get started!

Here are some general changes you should be aware about.
  1. New chat feel/look
  2. Songs!
  3. Fall damage is fixed
  4. Combat tags will no longer spam chat, and will instead appear on your boss bar/action bar.
  5. Re-designed game panel, with ability to change minimum rank to join and the ability for admins to change the game of any server
  6. New warp star layout
Here are the SG+ changes:
  1. When a kill is made, the killer should see a hologram outlining the death
  2. Ability to swap spawns with other players using snowballs, etc. (Gold+)
  3. When placing TNT, the TNT will stay there and will switch between magenta and yellow wool slowly but frequency will increase as time continues until the fuse goes off.
  4. Chests at spawn will fall from the sky during warmup
  5. Fireworks when a player dies
  6. Custom item names for armor, weapons, and food, etc.
  7. If fire is not user placed, make it so players cannot destroy such fire and light players on fire
  8. Explosion at spawn when game starts
  9. Item frames can no longer be broken.
  10. If anyone opens a chest, Silver+ rank can see a hologram above the chest notifying them that it's been opened (must be within 20 blocks to see)
  11. Blocks will fly all over the place when TNT goes off
We've also patched a bunch of nasty bugs all over the place. Let us know if you find any more!

Thank you, and let's have some fun!
~ Z