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That's right! We've gotten past the grueling transition of switching from our old database system! But wait! You must read more!

Your data may be missing. When you login, you will be greeted with the new player welcome message, which is something you probably wouldn't expect if you haven't already played on ToxicPVP. This is definitely extremely confusing, but don't fret; there is a way to fix this. Use the /migrate command and choose the options you would like. You can choose to keep your rank, your coin/credit balances, arsenal, as well as preferences and other small things; this option does NOT keep your stats. The other option is to migrate EVERYTHING over; it will gather all your old stats, your rank, your coin/credit balances, arsenal, as well as preferences and other small things. Note that if you choose to only keep your rank and small things, you will LOSE your stats and they will be unrecoverable. This is also your only chance to receive a stat bomb because we don't usually offer stat bombing/resets (if at all). Choose wisely. Read disclaimer at bottom.

But, what else is in this update? Well, for the most part, general all-around improvements of course! We have added many new things to SG+, as well as SG as a whole. SurvivalGames now relies on our SurvivalGames engine, which is a custom engine that allows us to change parameters and make new modes really quickly and easily! We've also re-done SGSolo and SGMini; they now use the SG+ themes and features. Regular SG has remain effectively unchanged. SGClassic does not utilize the new engine as we didn't feel it'd be worth it to update it as it is already finished.

As for the new things added to SG+, here you go!
  • First blood! (You get 10 coins for being the first to kill someone!) there's also a good scream in there...
  • Cooler scoreboard! (The objective title will switch every 3 seconds)
  • Warmup Overhaul!
    • The warmup state has been completely overhauled to make it much cooler looking.
    • The warmup starts at noon and speeds up to night and then to the morning.
    • When the timer is under 24 seconds, the pedestal corresponding to the current time left is struck with lightning.
    • Players can no longer move while the warmup state is in progress.
  • Predeathmatch Changes!
    • Players can no longer move while the pre-deathmatch state is in progress.
    • Players are now blinded while the pre-deathmatch state is in progress to make it more challenging to know where players are during deathmatch. a compass might come in handy...
  • Grace periods!
    • * can only be set by YouTuber+
    • * not available on SGClassic
There are also some general patches, as well.
  • Removed the "New!" prefix from the arsenal chest item in lobbies, etc.
  • Fixed instances crashing when the lobby timer runs out
  • Fixed possibility of newer holograms being broken
  • Fixed "NEW PLAYER!" message being displayed to the new player
There is also a couple of additions.
  • Game leaderboards/top players will be displayed in the lobby. Top 10's of common stats are displayed as holograms.
  • YouTubers+ can now use any nickname that they want! (abusers can have a chance of having their rank stripped from their player profile)
  • YouTubers+ can now use any display rank that they want provided it is less than or equal to their current rank (to prevent confusion and abuse)
We also would like to address our friends list and parties...
As many of you know, our parties have been disabled for quite some time due to complications with the system that was developed; and as of recent, we started discovering issues with our friends list as well. Due to these issues, the fact that we have many more important things we have to address in our plans, and the fact that there has not been a lot of interest expressed in our friend lists and parties, we have completely removed those features for the time being. They will be re-added in the future, although we would like to finish up other things before we get to cosmetic things like friends and parties.

Disclaimer: This is the disclaimer that you must all know of--the server is still in beta, and this is a pre-release of a beta. There are known bugs that we are working on fixing, but you must be patient. Most importantly, don't let the issues take away from your experience while playing on ToxicPVP. We'll get to each and every issue as they are discovered and/or reported.

DISCLAIMER (more important one): OUR MIGRATION SYSTEM MAY GIVE YOU AN ERROR. If you DO get an error, PLEASE tell us and we will manually migrate your data for you. We have taken a backup of the database before we transitioned so no data is going to be lost, but it will not be accessible TO YOU. Let any of us know and we'll get to it.

Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you all can see how bright our future can really be!

~ Z