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14 Feb


by zdemon98 at 6:08 PM • 267 Views • 0 Likes • 2 Comments • View on Forum
Hello everyone!

I'm proud to announce that Moderator applications are open from now until February 17th, 6:30 PM EST! If you are interested in volunteering in helping players and dealing with rule breakers, now is your chance to apply! There aren't too much expectations from applicants for this week, however there will be a more elaborate expectation from an applicant in the future. For this application, try to stay as detailed as possible, and make sure you are able to use excellent grammar.

You will receive a private message from the Recruitment Manager (me) regarding the status of your application, whether if you have been accepted, denied, or invited onto the interview stage. Please make sure you have a current working microphone in order to proceed to the interview stage.

As always, you may message me with any questions regarding the application process! Good luck to everyone who aspires to become a moderator!

Apply here:...
12 Feb

OFFICIAL Welcome to ToxicPVP!

by Al at 7:46 PM • 379 Views • 1 Likes • 17 Comments • View on Forum
ToxicPVP is a new network that was born based on the community of OptimusMC, an old network I used to work on that saw its demise today (February 12, 2017).

I'm proud to announce the preparation for Early Access to ToxicPVP!

Early Access sign-ups will be disabled and preparation will begin on February 21, 2017. As we approach closer and closer to early access, we will post more and more teasers for the network to show you what you can expect. When Early access is launched, people who signed up for early access will be able to join and test out the game modes before ANYONE ELSE. Be sure to sign up as SOON AS POSSIBLE so you don't miss your chance! It is unknown how long the server will be for early-access-only, but we can assure you that we will try and get it out to the public as fast and as feasible as possible so that you can all play. We MAY be offering store purchases for those who did not get an early access pass to be able to get one. If you...

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