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25 Feb

Important Let's talk about CloudFlare

by Al at 3:04 PM • 299 Views • 1 Likes • 5 Comments • View on Forum
Many of you may have already heard about the recent bug that was found in CloudFlare's HTML parser, some of you may not even know what CloudFlare even is. To sum it up in a couple of words, it's service that is provided to millions of websites across the Internet that not only speeds up sites, but gives them added bonuses of SSL, advanced and reliable DNS, DDoS protection, and more.

In order for CloudFlare to properly give people these services, they need an HTML (Hyper-text markup language, the thing that gives you the website you're viewing and many others right now) parser, which goes through the source of each site in order to make it functional with the features CloudFlare provides. Long story short, there was a problem with this parser, and it resulted in random confidential or otherwise important information being leaked into the source code of some web pages. While this information being spread (I don't believe) hasn't affected us...
24 Feb

OFFICIAL Septiembre - Administrator

by McFlops at 8:33 PM • 244 Views • 0 Likes • 2 Comments • View on Forum
Hey guys!

So due to the server being in early release and our staff team is not the ‘fullest’, meaning that there are staff groups that remain empty, I thought that it was time we get an Administrator on the team!

Hopefully you all join me and welcoming our newest server Administrator, Septiembre! He’s 16 years old and one of the most mature people I know, a good fit for an administrator. In time, he will grow to be a strong and tough staff member and will be able to help you with all your concerns, so you don’t have to bug skrubs like me. Welcome @Septiembre !

~ToxicPVP Team
24 Feb

APPLICATIONS Newly Accepted Moderators - February 24th, 2017

by zdemon98 at 4:15 PM • 236 Views • 0 Likes • 5 Comments • View on Forum
Hey everyone! So last week we opened up applications for Moderator, and although expectations were expressed with leniency, we still needed some staff on our team. Later on as the application process goes, we will be establishing a bit more of a strict view of our guidelines for the application for Moderator. For those who have been denied, you may private message me for the reason(s) that led to the conclusion of your application being denied.

For this batch, we will only be accepting 1 new moderator onto the staff team. So please join me in congratulating ItsLee_ on their acceptance onto the staff team!

Thank you to those who have applied! Along with this, I would like to note that we may be sending out special invitations to the staff team if we feel that you fulfill all expectations and go above and beyond as an applicant - although that would require going through the interview stage prior to possible acceptance. So once again, congratulations to ItsLee_, and...
20 Feb


by Al at 1:44 PM • 222 Views • 3 Likes • 1 Comments • View on Forum
ToxicPVP is getting ready for Early Access!

ToxicPVP is being worked on RIGHT NOW, and we are getting ready for Early Access/Private Alpha stage. From now until Early Access stage, we will be constantly working on getting the network ready for our Early Access players to test and play some of our games before anyone else, give some players a head start in our new games, as well as let people give some players extra opportunities to critique and give suggestions and ideas for the network. Unfortunately, we have ended the FREE EARLY ACCESS period, and we now require that people purchase a spot for $5 USD. It's not much, and it makes a big difference. It shows your enthuasiasm for the network, and it will not only support us financially but give us extra motivation to work harder and faster.


If you already claimed an early access slot through the...​
17 Feb

APPLICATIONS Build Team Applications Are Now Open!

by LukeLovesCandy at 8:19 AM • 176 Views • 0 Likes • 1 Comments • View on Forum
Hello, I am proud to announce that build team applications are now open! If you are interested here are some things you may do as a builder. You will obviously be building however here are some specifics. You may be building maps for gamemodes, lobbys, hubs, and probably more.

If you are interested in becoming a builder here on ToxivPVP then click this link and follow the instructions.

If you do apply please do not ask me to look at your application as this will result in a instant deny.

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