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14 Apr


by zdemon98 at 11:32 PM • 285 Views • 0 Likes • 0 Comments • View on Forum
Hello everyone!

Welcome to the Becoming a Mod thread. This thread has been created on behalf of the ToxicPvP staff team and community for them to know how you can become a staff member on the server. This document will go over:

  • What a mod is
  • What we look for in terms of applications

If you have any questions regarding this thread, applications, etc. feel free to respond to this thread, or by messaging zdemon98 on the forums or in-game.

What is a Moderator?
A moderator is a staff member who partakes in keeping the community safe. They do this by providing customer service to players, and punishing rule-breakers. Applications for moderator will be open permanently, and if your application is detailed enough and meets most of the criteria, it will likely remain pending up to 3 months -- although sometimes your...
11 Apr

OFFICIAL ToxicPVP Public Alpha on April 15, 2017!

by Al at 11:21 AM • 386 Views • 0 Likes • 2 Comments • View on Forum

That's right, folks! We are officially making it happen! A lot of people had lots of doubts about how the network would function, but the team is here to disprove those doubts by announcing the PUBLIC ALPHA stage! Gone are the days of waiting with very little hype. I'm here to give you the scoop on everything that we have so far, and how much we're planning for the future!​

Release Date
The release date for Public Alpha is on April 15, 2017 at 3 PM EST! Meet us all there! :)

Improvements over OptimusMC
Now, since we've had very limited time for the development process for ToxicPVP so far, we're obviously not as advanced as our predecessor but we do a lot of things different. Let's start off with something technical: The database structures and methods. OptimusMC used MySQL for everything, which was not only inefficient when we update 10 servers every 5 seconds while having checks running in the background, but also somewhat...
24 Mar

Discord ToxicBot

by McFlops at 7:44 AM • 269 Views • 0 Likes • 0 Comments • View on Forum
Discord Bot

As most of you most likely noticed, if you are on our server discord, we have added another Bot that goes by the name, ToxicBot. It's a custom messaged bot which gives the community an easier time when trying to alert the staff of potential problems in/on the server.

ToxicBotBOT-Yesterday at 8:54 PM

The ToxicBot is a Bot made by a Developer at Badlion. It is called the Gyllie Bot and is really useful for custom messages. Updates will be messaged to you from the Gyllie Bot if you have it installed on one of your servers and will always be online.

More unique qualities will be added in the future but for now, it serves as a 'test' really, to see how it goes having it on the discord server.

McFlops-Last Wednesday at 8:35 PM

@everyone Ok, so at least one thing has been added... A DISCORD BOT! The ToxicBot is our discord's...
05 Mar

OFFICIAL ToxicPvP Rules/Punishment Guidelines

by zdemon98 at 1:23 PM • 280 Views • 0 Likes • 0 Comments • View on Forum
Hello everyone! Today, on behalf of the ToxicPvP community, I am here to bring you all the server rules for ToxicPvP! This thread has been created to educate how our rules work on the server, and the punishment types that you will receive if you are bound to breaking any of them. Please make sure you have a familiar knowledge with our rules before you decide to play on our server so you know what is not allowed! You may message me about rules-related questions or concerns, or any other staff member!

Message me if you find any errors in this thread!

This thread contains suggestive material that may not be suitable for younger children.

Examples in red will result in a punishment for that offense.
Examples in green will not result in a punishment for that offense.

Here is a link to the Visual Punishment...
26 Feb

Early Access is OUT!

by Al at 1:51 PM • 239 Views • 0 Likes • 2 Comments • View on Forum
It's been a little while, and we've also been somewhat secretive as to when we would be able to enter early access mode. Fortunately, I finished up the hub system today so that you all can try out the PVP mode in our hub! Go ahead and try it out, the IP should be in the #early-access channel of Discord. If you do not have access to this channel or have not joined our Discord yet, join it and post below your username and #hashtag.

The following players have been added to the early access list:
- MRDGaming
- GodStrqfes
- Aatex
- 98Jumpmen
- Viewfly
- McFlops
- ItsLee_
- LeggoMyJarel
- xRoastednToasted
- Gladiomer
- Aloneee
- Sloths_DoGames
- ShortDude111
- Wolf_Gamer_NL
- Azarexs
- AsaPlaysMC
- Callz
- Baebot
- Deffects
- LauraRussels
- iSlayYouBoy


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