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23 Jul

OFFICIAL ToxicPvP Management/Staff Changes!

by Dqmag3d at 11:50 AM • 219 Views • 0 Likes • 2 Comments • View on Forum
Alright, as of "Yesterday at 9:12 AM" GMT zdemon98 resigned from his Staff Manager/Recruitment Manager position. Now this means the Job is left open and it turns out I will be doing this Job but I am also doing my Community Manager Position.

Moderator Changes:
As most of you, if not all of you know that currently we have no Moderators/Any other Staff so a change is necessary. Up to now all you could do was apply and that was it but now that we do need Staff we will be offering positions without Applications or Interviews.
To Get Offered a Position:
  • You must be a staff member on another network or ToxicPVP, or have been a staff member on another network or ToxicPVP in the past.
  • If you were removed from your position on bad terms with the staff team you were part of, your qualifications do not meet our guidelines and you are not allowed to become a ToxicPVP staff member without applying.
  • You must have proof of being a staff member on the...
05 Jul

OFFICIAL ToxicPVP 1.1.4 "Stage 2" Beta

by Al at 9:16 AM • 284 Views • 1 Likes • 1 Comments • View on Forum
On July 2, 2017, we started work on Stage 2 Beta for ToxicPVP. This update involved a lot of changes to our core plugins, including but not limited to complete structure overhauls, new features, bug fixes, and changes to make it easier for us to make games in the future. This update also added a lot of essential functionality that a lot of our planned games require, and as such it was completely necessary to try and get this out.

Premium Rank
The premium rank is our latest "innovation" (and I use that term very loosely) that gives an essential set of perks to our members that do not want to spend a whole bunch of money on a Bronze or Silver rank. Premium is a subscription-based product that charges a PayPal account monthly. The rank is $1 per month, and it will unlock features like the ability to join full servers, turn off party invitations and friend requests, as well as having a tag. It can also be considered a "trial" of our other more expensive...​
25 Jun

OFFICIAL Preparation for ToxicPVP 1.1 - "Beta"

by Al at 9:54 PM • 318 Views • 2 Likes • 2 Comments • View on Forum
ToxicPVP, after a grueling 4 months of hard work, is starting to shape together into a huge Minecraft network. We have been working day and night (and some days from 6 AM to 1 AM the next day) to make everything we can the best it can possibly be. We are prepared to tell you the latest features that have been added, the biggest fixes that have been made, and the saddest removals of all time.

But before we do that, let's talk about ToxicPVP 1.1 - Codename "Beta." Seeing as you have probably guessed that correctly, you're absolutely right to assume that we're preparing to enter full-on beta mode. We have rolled out our latest update which is stage 1 of Beta. Those changes are outlined below. State 2 of beta will be the consolidation of our network, in which we try to make everything much more well-rounded and polished and get rid of any slimy, grimy, gray and green, disgusting bugs that may pop up. Stage 3 of beta will be the games portion, in which we will finish developing our...
18 Jun

Bigger Updates!

by Al at 2:49 PM • 254 Views • 1 Likes • 3 Comments • View on Forum

Welcome to ToxicPVP.
That is what our Welcome Page says when you visit it. It list tons of things that make us different or similar to other networks and lists unique features that not many servers and networks have.

New Faces
We have a new developer that some people may recognize. He has already introduced himself on our Discord server, but I think he deserves a proper introduction on the front page. Give it up for... @Accessory! He will be developing most of our plugins while I develop...

A New Website
A nice new website is in the works! It is designed to be as efficient as possible. While we aren't giving out any spoilers, we have a team of highly qualified and trained individuals (and by that I mean randomly selected trusted members) that will be testing the new system out behind-the-scenes. If you manage to find out where the beta site is, then I tip my hat (that I don't...​
04 Jun

It's been a while...

by Al at 8:33 AM • 260 Views • 1 Likes • 3 Comments • View on Forum
What's up?

That's probably a very terrible introduction to one of the only posts that have been posted in over 2 weeks. My apologies for appearing so informal. Unfortunately, it seems as though a lot of people have lost hope in ToxicPVP. We're here to tell you all that the team hasn't given up and we are preparing content updates behind the scenes!

Most recently, we have launched a huge overhaul to our hubs, SurvivalGames, and a couple of new things as well! Let's start!

  1. Hub
    We have split FFA from hub. FFA can now be launched through the warp star. However, since we have split the hub up, we can now have multiple hubs. We currently have 54 hubs, which is plenty for a small server. We have also taken advantage of multiple hubs and have made exclusive hubs for YouTubers, trusted members, and staff! We plan on implementing things like cosmetics within the next couple of days!
  2. FFA (Free-for-All)
    Free-for-All has been given a small facelift...

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