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17 Sep

OFFICIAL Let's keep moving!

by Al at 3:41 PM • 125 Views • 1 Likes • 0 Comments • View on Forum
Heyo, soldier! Welcome back to ToxicPVP! We have recently pushed out a couple of major updates, including a look and feel overhaul as well as more cosmetic features to SurvivalGames+!

Before we get into our changelog, please note that we have CHANGED OUR STORE PAGE. Our old store page, http://buy.toxicpvp.net, is outdated. Our page is now located at https://store.toxicpvp.net. Not only does it make it more likely for someone to find it, but it is also secured with SSL! Our old buy page will redirect to the new one, and eventually all of our links on the server will be updated as well. Let's also not forget to mention that our store page has a completely new template! Let us know what you think!

ALSO, you should join our Discord server if you haven't already! Follow this link to get started!

Here are some general changes you should be aware about.
  1. New chat feel/look...
03 Sep


by Al at 6:43 PM • 167 Views • 0 Likes • 0 Comments • View on Forum
That's right! We've gotten past the grueling transition of switching from our old database system! But wait! You must read more!

Your data may be missing. When you login, you will be greeted with the new player welcome message, which is something you probably wouldn't expect if you haven't already played on ToxicPVP. This is definitely extremely confusing, but don't fret; there is a way to fix this. Use the /migrate command and choose the options you would like. You can choose to keep your rank, your coin/credit balances, arsenal, as well as preferences and other small things; this option does NOT keep your stats. The other option is to migrate EVERYTHING over; it will gather all your old stats, your rank, your coin/credit balances, arsenal, as well as preferences and other small things. Note that if you choose to only keep your rank and small things, you will LOSE your stats and they will be unrecoverable. This is also your only chance to receive a stat bomb because...
29 Aug

OFFICIAL The Logo Contest

by Al at 1:43 PM • 333 Views • 0 Likes • 6 Comments • View on Forum
The Contest Results?
If you want the results, please vote on the poll above! Use the option links below to see which option corresponds to which entry.

Option 1 > @Al (z609): https://www.toxicpvp.net/threads/the-logo-contest.134/#post-796
Option 2 > @TheOutedFurry (TheOutedFurry): https://www.toxicpvp.net/threads/the-logo-contest.134/#post-797
Option 3 > generationYT: https://www.toxicpvp.net/threads/the-logo-contest.134/#post-798
Option 4 > @Chikn (Chikn): https://www.toxicpvp.net/threads/the-logo-contest.134/#post-799
Option 5 > generationYT: https://www.toxicpvp.net/threads/the-logo-contest.134/#post-800

We are having an official logo contest! We have already let people in our Discord server know of the requirements, but we have yet to let our forum members know. The requirements...
29 Aug

Our Discord server just got cooler

by Al at 10:55 AM • 238 Views • 2 Likes • 7 Comments • View on Forum
As many of you know, our community relies heavily on the Discord communication platform. Whether it be for general conversation, staying tuned for update messages and announcements, or arguing about punishments that were given, Discord is there.

However, as of recent everything got more exciting. This update will hopefully encourage users to use our website more and encourage website users to use our Discord server more. Who knows, maybe this website will serve as a Discord replacement one day?

Whatever the case may be, this update includes the addition of new channels to our Discord server as well as a new bot that I can guarantee a lot of you will be excited about. We have done away with the old #announcements channel in place of a new one that is completely automated. We have also added several other channels that match up with certain forums. Each of those matchups are below. If you still want to gather information from our old #announcements channel, you can...
29 Aug

Important We're getting back on track

by Al at 12:53 AM • 174 Views • 1 Likes • 3 Comments • View on Forum
As of recent, I have emerged out of the clouds and am willing to continue working on ToxicPVP. More information can be found on our Discord server, but let's get down with some of the biggest changes. One big change is essentially an elephant in the room.

The elephant in the room is that all of our websites have been merged to form one central website (with the exception of the shop page) in order to remove any possible confusion and to centralize a lot of our content. Of course, almost all of the pages are still here and are visible, and there may even be some new ones!

One new page is the YouTuber page. This new page is something that we think a lot of YouTubers will like, and that is the YouTuber page! Click here to view it. The YouTuber page/YouTube Rank page not only shows off each YouTuber that represents our network, but also links their channels in order to support each creator! The page also lists the...

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