OFFICIAL Rank Changes and Updates

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As part of the start of many updates to come, we have decided to finally update our ranks! We will be removing the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond ranks--players with these ranks will receive a lifetime rank with its equivalent perks. The list below will show you the equivalent ranks. If you have any of these ranks, you will be migrated without a hassle.
  • Loser > Member
  • Premium > Premium
  • Bronze > Premium
  • Silver > Premium
  • Gold > Pro
  • Platinum > Pro
  • Diamond > Pro
  • Pro > Pro
  • Toxic > Toxic
  • Builder > Architect
  • Architect > Architect
  • Trusted > VIP
  • Retired > Retired
  • Mod > Mod
  • Sr.Mod > Mod
  • Admin > Admin
  • Jr.Dev > Admin
  • Dev > Owner
  • Leader > Owner
  • Owner > Owner
We have also removed any inconsistencies with nametags in tablist, as we noticed there were many issues with it.

Important ToxicPVP Website

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While we want to provide the best website experience through a custom solution, unfortunately we don't feel as though we will be able to properly balance such a solution as well as the network systems that we have on our actual Minecraft network. As such, we have decided to (at least temporarily) cancel the new website using zSuite. We feel as though this is the best option as we will be able to focus more on providing content updates and bug fixes to our Minecraft network and not have to worry about a completely different project that is still in its infancy. We hope you all understand this decision.

Because of this change, we wanted to provide users with something new, and so we have installed a new style onto our XenForo installation. It is possible to change the style by clicking "ToxicPVP Purple" at the bottom left of any page, where you will be able to choose a color that you prefer. Of course, we will work to ensure that XenForo provides great compatibility with our...

OFFICIAL Stay Tuned for Feb. 21!

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ToxicPVP has been undergoing many changes under the hood and behind the scenes. Most changes include bug fixes, performance improvements, slight changes to aesthetics, and more. The following changes have been made:
  • Full update to 1.8, with support for 1.7 clients for those who still prefer 1.7
  • Support for 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, and 1.12 (plus 1.13 sometime after its release)
  • The removal of NCP (NoCheatPlus), replaced by AAC (Advanced Anti Cheat)
  • Re-written nametag and tablist system, with support for nicknames in mind
  • Nicknames are no longer glitchy and you no longer have to wait for tablist to update to remove inconsistencies
  • Holograms now work properly across all versions
  • Fix game timers going into negatives causing games to go infinitely
  • Fix boss bars/action bars fighting for priority
  • Fix...

We're getting rid of some IPs

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In order to simplify the user experience, we've removed the following IPs:
The only IP that you can now use is This has been the recommended IP for a while now, and we've been occasionally messaging our users to switch back to it for a while now. This IP is also linked to all of our backend addresses so it's harder for people to efficiently start a DDoS attack.

We have also removed some older websites that we no longer use or haven't been updated in a while:
And as I stated in the last news post, please go ahead and register on our new website:! We will be transitioning fully sometime in the near future!


Let's talk about ToxicPVP for a minute

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As many of you already know, ToxicPVP hasn't been evolving as much these past couple of months. While we'd really like to start pushing out more frequent updates, we've been really busy with our personal lives these past couple of weeks and as such our team has found very little time to personally work on improving our network.

While the other owners can speak for themselves, I've personally been working on schoolwork and things of that nature, as well as working on other smaller projects including zSuite, which includes a new site software that ToxicPVP will hopefully be using within the coming weeks. If there's any incentive to this, it's that ToxicPVP will hopefully have a new website very soon.

With a new website very soon, I guess I might as well segway into that: I will be allowing the public to beta test this new software immediately. If you'd like to get set up, head over to and sign up! We'd appreciate as many...

OFFICIAL SG+Guns?! Two new gamemodes soon?!

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That's right! We have yet ANOTHER SurvivalGames mode that we think you should all check out as soon as possible!

Do you like MineStrike on Mineplex? Do you like ToxicPVP SurvivalGames? Then you'll LOVE ToxicPVP's SurvivalGames+Guns! We combine SurvivalGames+ with a MineStrike-esque engine to provide you the ultimate playing experience! Find weapons that replace melee items in chests! SG+ also now has support for game kits, so you can choose between two kits in SG+Guns (Swordsman and P90 Gunman)! Each kit is pretty self-explanatory, you will get a wood sword if you choose Swordsman and a P90 SMG if you choose P90 Gunman 20 seconds after the game starts. P90 requires 5000 coins to purchase, so get on your grind if you want it (unless you have a rank ;) )!

We are also in high hopes of releasing two gamemodes, Money Rush and UHC. @Accessory will be handling the development of Money Rush while I will be handling the development of UHC. These both are pretty big...

OFFICIAL New Website Theme!

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As you can already tell, we have a new look and we are proud to say that this is what we will be using for our website from now on!

We still have the same features and options as before, and all of your data is still here. We still use XenForo and nothing regarding our database has changed. We simply sport a fresh, new look reminiscent of TheNexusMC. The look has been made to match our server store, which has also received a similar look.

We have also added the ability to sign up with Twitter and Google+, in case you're too lazy to setup with a regular email account or Discord. If you already have an account and would like to associate your current account with these social media options, visit the external accounts page.

We have re-categorized the navigation bar as well, with most options from the "More..." tab being moved to the community dropdown menu. In an effort...


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That's right! We've gotten past the grueling transition of switching from our old database system! But wait! You must read more!

Your data may be missing. When you login, you will be greeted with the new player welcome message, which is something you probably wouldn't expect if you haven't already played on ToxicPVP. This is definitely extremely confusing, but don't fret; there is a way to fix this. Use the /migrate command and choose the options you would like. You can choose to keep your rank, your coin/credit balances, arsenal, as well as preferences and other small things; this option does NOT keep your stats. The other option is to migrate EVERYTHING over; it will gather all your old stats, your rank, your coin/credit balances, arsenal, as well as preferences and other small things. Note that if you choose to only keep your rank and small things, you will LOSE your stats and they will be unrecoverable. This is also your only chance to receive a stat bomb because...

Important We're getting back on track

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As of recent, I have emerged out of the clouds and am willing to continue working on ToxicPVP. More information can be found on our Discord server, but let's get down with some of the biggest changes. One big change is essentially an elephant in the room.

The elephant in the room is that all of our websites have been merged to form one central website (with the exception of the shop page) in order to remove any possible confusion and to centralize a lot of our content. Of course, almost all of the pages are still here and are visible, and there may even be some new ones!

One new page is the YouTuber page. This new page is something that we think a lot of YouTubers will like, and that is the YouTuber page! Click here to view it. The YouTuber page/YouTube Rank page not only shows off each YouTuber that represents our network, but also links their channels in order to support each creator! The page also lists the...

OFFICIAL ToxicPvP Management/Staff Changes!

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Alright, as of "Yesterday at 9:12 AM" GMT zdemon98 resigned from his Staff Manager/Recruitment Manager position. Now this means the Job is left open and it turns out I will be doing this Job but I am also doing my Community Manager Position.

Moderator Changes:
As most of you, if not all of you know that currently we have no Moderators/Any other Staff so a change is necessary. Up to now all you could do was apply and that was it but now that we do need Staff we will be offering positions without Applications or Interviews.
To Get Offered a Position:
  • You must be a staff member on another network or ToxicPVP, or have been a staff member on another network or ToxicPVP in the past.
  • If you were removed from your position on bad terms with the staff team you were part of, your qualifications do not meet our guidelines and you are not allowed to become a ToxicPVP staff member without applying.
  • You must have proof of being a staff member on the...